Building homes since 1990. Our passion is to design and build homes distinguished by exceptional beauty and craftsmanship.
Building homes since 1990.  Our passion is to design and build homes distinguished by exceptional beauty and craftsmanship. 

Our design approach


When you team with us you will be working with someone to design your home that has an ownership stake in Sunline and over 35 years of design and hands on construction experience. The end result is a home that is not only beautiful but cost effective and built with the best construction practices to last a life time. Our design process offers our clients the opportunity to customize their new home not only for interior finishes, but almost any aspect including interior floor plans and exterior elevations. We have designed and built homes within the many styles of classic American Architecture including Craftsman, Williamsburg, Jeffersonian and French Country.



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Architectural Services

20 hours of complentary custom design service with our architectural department.

1 Year 


Re-caulk interior trim shrinkage, spackle over nail pops,  re-paint the affected areas.

Lot Consultation

Complimentary services to help locate your perfect lot and assess suitability.


Sunline Homes is looking to purchase residential lots in McLean and Arlington. Call us at 703.858.4500 ext 2 or email us today.


Sunline Custom Homes, LTD.

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SOLD McLean area project on 6901 Bright Avenue, McLean VA

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